Clear Admit offers interview package for Taiwan applicants


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Clear Admit offers interview package for Taiwan applicants

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Dear Taiwan applicants,

As we wind down one application season and begin another, Clear Admit is proud to announce that based on feedback from our clients in Taiwan, we are now offering a new service exclusively for applicants in Taiwan – extended private interview preparation sessions from May to July! This service will allow applicants to significantly improve their English interview skills before application work begins later in the summer. By practicing your English in various different interview situations with M7 admissions officers and M7 school alumni, you will no longer fear that there is not enough time to prepare for your interviews after you receive the interview invitations. In our continuous quest to help more Taiwanese applicants earn the best admissions results, we want to eliminate the interview hurdle that has kept many qualified applicants from being accepted to their dream schools.


You will conduct mock interviews with, and receive interview feedback from, the following four interviewers:

Kevin Chen
Clear Admit Senior Admissions Counselor; Stanford Graduate School of Business; Harvard Kennedy School of Government; Princeton University

Brett Haber
Clear Admit Senior Admissions Counselor; former Wharton Admissions Officer; Wharton School of Business; Yale University

Eric Chang
Founder, FormosaMBA; National Chengchi University; MIT Sloan School of Business

Deena Maerowitz
Clear Admit Senior Admissions Counselor; former Columbia Business School Admissions Officer; Mount Holyoke College


1). Single 1-hour session with any of the four interviewers.
Price: T$7,800

2). 4-session package – one 1-hour session from each of the four interviewers for a total of four sessions.
Price: T$30,000

3). 8-session package – two 1-hour sessions from each of the four interviewers for a total of 8 sessions.
Price: T$55,000

4) 12-session package – three 1-hour sessions from each of the four interviewers for a total of 12 sessions.
Price: T$79,000

If you want to add more sessions after finishing the 12-session package, each additional 1-hour session will be charged a discounted price of T$6,500.

All the sessions will be conducted on a private 1-on-1 basis, so you will not be sharing time with any other applicant. The contents of the sessions will be customized to your needs and will be based on the specific interview formats of your own target schools.

To help you better understand the interview process and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, you will receive an initial 1-hour session with Kevin Chen for half price, at $3,900. During this initial session, Kevin also will address any of your related MBA application questions. However, we are limiting this offer to 15 applicants so that we can maintain the highest level of service quality.

Please email Kevin at for more details. Good luck!


Kevin Chen
Senior Admissions Counselor, Clear Admit LLC (
Stanford Graduate School of Business, class of 2005
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, class of 2000
Princeton University, class of 1994
Previous work experiences: McKinsey; NBA; Reuters
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