Is it worth delaying applications to take the GRE again?

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Is it worth delaying applications to take the GRE again?

文章Johneames » 2017-10-13 21:13

Hi all,

I took the GRE for a second time the other day and ended up with the same score as my first try (164V/153Q/5.0AW) (haven't gotten AW back, but expecting it will be around the same). I'm applying to Harris, Georgetown MA Security Studies, SIPA, and Elliott and am worried my low quant score will lead to an automatic rejection. I have a strong GPA and graduated with a stats certificate, so I'm confident in my math abilities to pursue these degrees, but I struggle with math on standardized tests, hence the low score. SIPA's EA deadline is Nov. 1st and Harris' is Nov. 27th (these are my top program choices), but I won't be able to take the test again until after those deadlines have passed. Is it worth delaying the applications until the January deadlines if it means taking the GRE a third time to try and get quant higher? Or would it be sufficient enough to explain my background in the application?

Thanks in advance!

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