GRE Scores: Good Enough?

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GRE Scores: Good Enough?

文章Johneames » 2017-10-13 21:15

Hi there!

Nervous physical anthropology phd applicant for the 2018 cycle here. A little bit of background from me:

- BA from U Mich in Evolutionary Anthropology 2012

- MA from Texas Tech in Physical Anthropology 2015

I tried to see what I could get in the private sector, and worked as an Archaeological Tech, and then as a Medicolegal Death Invesigator/Autopsy Tech for a year and a half. However, I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma last month, and had to leave my job. Throughout all of this, I knew deep down that I wanted to continue my masters thesis research at the phd level. It’s an interesting topic that has little specific literature. Health wise, I’m crappy, but had to take the gre today so I can apply this season before my surgery. For having severe active hyperthyroidism and the tumor, I thought I did pretty well. However, after poking around here, I am not so sure anymore.

long story short, I would love to know gre scores for those of you who were successful phd applicants, and where you were accepted! I know it’s largely due to fit, but gre scores have some role, correct?

For the record, I received a 161 in VR and 160 in Quant.

Thanks a bunch in advance!

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