It's legit one of the most fucked up launches

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It's legit one of the most fucked up launches

文章Nanlina » 2020-07-02 15:04

Folks are spending hours and it seems like everyone has their own special problem. People have had to change windows permissions for folders, I've seen files be PSO2 Meseta deleted and refilled randomly from the computer itself and apparently users even experience issues where Phantasy Star Online 2 will somehow keep the used data that was simply deleted, so there's like 70 gb of useless data consumed on your hard disk that you can't eliminate with no powershell script.

It's legit one of the most fucked up launches I've ever seen for a game and it appears to be entirely because Sega tried to jam the Microsoft xbox live shit into their game and refuse to launch it on steam. Oh yeah, it's a windows store game that is exclusive. Paradoxically, setting up a Japanese account and installing the translation patch is a whole lot easier than trying to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 to run in NA. I know nothing about Phantasy Star Online 2, except The Bet, and I do not actually play MMOs, but my roommate was sitting with his friends until like... 2-3 am trying to get Phantasy Star Online 2 to operate. And he started since around 5pm. If it was ever made by him, I don't know.

Yeah, if your installation gets corrupted and you can no longer launch Phantasy Star Online 2, if you uninstall Phantasy Star Online 2 it will only uninstall the launcher but leave like 50GB of patches behind. It will conceal these 50GB worth of files in a document that takes away your admin privileges so that it's a struggle to even get in the folder and eventually delete everything. And you need to do so since Phantasy Star Online 2 will not replace the old files if you try to just reinstall Phantasy Star Online 2, because that would make too much sense, in order to wind up with your hard drive now being taken up by over 100GB using the chance of the initial problem still persisting so as soon as you shut Phantasy Star Online 2 you won't be able to launch it again.

There are so many people saying this is exactly what every MMO launch resembles, but after spending six hours troubleshooting yesterday I can confidently say it is the worst launch I have ever dealt with. It's much easier just to download and fanpatch the JP launch and perform there because of how fuckin' poor the Windows store has screwed up things. You can alter a SINGLE CONFIG LINE from the JP launcher and it'll download the total US version. At some point someone took functionality out and caught on. It is infuriating that fucking WORKS and they decided to just brick it. In addition to all of that, JP version has better optimization, SOMEHOW has higher-quality visuals, and can actually be modded and tinkered with once it is successfully installed.

Phantasy Star Online 2 does eat 70 gigs. If you attempt to patch Phantasy Star Online 2 and neglect, then have to restart, then decide to give up, it is going to lock down that hard drive space double, eating 140 gigs. If it merely fails twice and you then power through, sometimes it eats that 140 plus Phantasy Star Online 2's regular setup for 210 gigs. It's completely unbelievable. On top of this, I really feel like I buy meseta pso2 need to emphasize the participant count difference since you didn't mention how many blocks there were. On Xbox there were filled blocks on two and ships 1, typically 1 on boat 3. I'm on the boat, number three, yesterday, and blocks stuffed over at maximum population.
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