Bank Teller Career Progression?


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Bank Teller Career Progression?

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I don't know any bank tellers (well, except for the ones I see at the bank), but these links might help! Here is a CVTips article on Bank Teller job market trends, and from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for bank tellers. I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone (e.g. friend, family) who was a bank teller? If so, where did their career progressed, namely, what position after that? In how long? I can point out that those hired to work at a bank can start out working behind a teller counter or working in the lobby as a personal banker who consults with customers or helps them set up accounts. You can always go to the websites of your local banks to see which ones are hiring, what positions they have open and the qualifications required.

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