Hair accessories for short hairstyles


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Hair accessories for short hairstyles

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With no other hairstyle, accessories can be staged better than with short hairstyles! Hair accessories are currently making their comeback - and so we are showered with clips, hairbands and scrunchies in all conceivable shapes and colors. But to keep an overview of this jungle of accessories, we have put together a few accessories for you here that are totally trendy right now!

Pearl hair clips can either hold strands of hair directly from the face, which are pinned as an eye-catcher directly to the side of the face. Headbands show themselves in velvet this year and are enthroned like a crown on our heads. And if you like to wear your short hairstyle with a braid, you can also use a trend accessory: the scrunchie! Whether also made of velvet, with a striped pattern or with long ribbons, there are no limits to your taste!

You can find a nice selection of all trend accessories for aftershopping here:
Hair accessories for short hairstyles such as hair bands, barrettes and cable ties
Black velvet hair band, about 5 euros
Short hair: yes or no?
Short hairstyles are not the same as short hairstyles. As you can see in the picture gallery above, there are also differences in length for short hairstyles.
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