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2007/01/26 California U of Management & Sciences (已收錄)


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2007/01/26 California U of Management & Sciences (已收錄)

文章charliego » 2007-01-30 13:03

Dear all,

Sorry for that I can only type in English, and I make mistakes easily.

It's my first time to take the TOEFL IBT test. I felt a little nervous and I couldn't remember all of the detail.

Reading: The reading section is so difficult for me and I can only remember two topics of this section. One essay refered to MAYA empire's social structure, the relation between tribes in the empire(e.g. trade, culture).

The other one was talked about the theory of evolution. For example, a lizard will chose a place where is more easy for it to live, but there are many reasons for an organism to choose where it wnat to stay.

Listening: Compare with the TOEFL CBT, I think listening section is more easy in the TOEFL IBT. Though many people think that the TOEFL IBT's listening section is diffcult because it contains difference accents, I still think that this section is more similar to real life and easy for listener to understand it.

Speaking: I forgot the detail of this section. I think that prepare a good formula to arrange your opinion and time is the most important thing in this section. Trust me, this section is very easy if you open your mouth and pratice it as much as you can.

Writing: The question I got in the intergrated writing was that "According to the reading, some experts said that put fluorine into tap-water is good for many reasons. On the contrary, the speaker doesn't agree with this and he illustrat many reasons to support his opinion."

The independent writing's topic was that "In today, many people think that speaking skill is more important than writing skill. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?"
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文章nexxt0722 » 2007-05-02 02:00

Thanks for your sharing.
You must perform well in this exam.
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